8. 孫俊國

Paul Sun

出生地點︰ 馬來西亞
職業: 酒店餐廳服務員
語言: 國語,英語,粵語,馬來西亞語,客家語
嗜好/興趣︰ 唱歌,打籃球
獨特專長: 在打籃球時,三分球命中率及射球出色

Place of Birth: Malaysia
Education:  University
Occupation: Hotel Restaurant Server
Language: Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Malaysian, Hakka
Hobby: Singing, Playing basketball
Unique Skills: Shooting free throw and Three point in basketball game


你最喜愛的歌手: 張學友

你最喜愛的歌曲: 只想一生跟你走,分手總要在雨天

音樂志願: 成為一位出色的歌手

過往所做過最深刻的事情: 成為了一位父親

過往所遇過最大的障礙,如何把它克服:婚後要決定在哪個地方定居 - 中國、加拿大、或馬來西亞;結果在每個地方分別生活了幾年,最後選擇定居多倫多。

Favorite Singer: Jacky Cheung

Favorite Songs: 只想一生跟你走,分手總要在雨天

Musical Ambition: To be a great singer

What is the most remarkable thing you have done in the past?Becoming a father

What has been the biggest challenge in the past? Did you overcome it? How? To decide which country should we stay after marriage, Canada, China or Malaysia? Spent a few years in each country and decided to stay in Toronto.

當初是什麼令你喜歡上音樂/唱歌? 唱歌能讓我保持愉快的心情,忘卻所有煩惱


 對這個比賽有什麼期望? 我會全力以赴,希望在比賽過程發揮出最好的水平,取得理想的成績





What made you like music/singing? Singing makes me happy and forget all the sadness

When it is announced that you were in the final eight, what do you think? Very happy, as someone appreciate my performance

What are your expectations for this contest? I will do my best to get a desired result

What do you hope to get through this contest? I hope I could accumulate more stage experience so I cherish every opportunity of performance. Hope that I will become an outstanding performer in the future.

How will you prepare for this contest? I will take lot of leave as I need to work on weekends, then to have lots of training and exercises.

How much does music affect you? The influence is great, because music occupies a large portion of my life. It is the source of my happiness.

What are your ambitions for music in the future? Hope that my music dream will come true: to be a fabulous singer.