7. 馮國瀚

Roger Feng

職業: 自僱
語言: 英語、粵語、國語
獨特專長:  拉小提琴

Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Occupation: Self Employed
Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Hobby: Violin, Singing, Sports, Event Planning
Unique Skills: Violin


你最喜愛的歌手: Luther Vandross, 王力宏, Whitney Houston

你最喜愛的歌曲: Whitney Houston – I will always love you

音樂志願: 成為一名歌手/表演者,在不同的舞台上專業地演出

過往所做過最深刻的事情: 毅然離開工作十五年的崗位,成為全職的音樂人

過往所遇過最大的障礙,如何把它克服: 2009年在萬錦劇院籌劃首個個人演唱會。在資源、人手極之缺乏下,居然完成一個成功的演唱會。

Favorite Singer: Luther Vandross, Lee-Hom Wang, Whitney Houston

Favorite Songs: Whitney Houston – I will always love you

Musical Ambition: To be a singer/performer, to perform in different shows

What is the most remarkable thing you have done in the past Quit my job of 15 years and become full time musician

What has been the biggest challenge in the past? Did you overcome it? How? To organized my first solo concert at Markham Theatre at 2009.To plan and to execute the concert without not much help is extremely challenging. I need to organize my planning to perfection, to balance my vision and the budget, and to hire help that can have the biggest impact to the success of the concert.

當初是什麼令你喜歡上音樂/唱歌? 我在一個愛好古典音樂的家庭長大。當我發現自己頗擅長於唱歌時,便立即愛上及開始認真學習唱歌。

當宣佈你入選了八強,你有什麼感想? 我覺得要保持謙虛之心,並為未來的挑戰作好心理準備。因為唱好歌需要80%的精神和20%的體能準備,所以充足的心理準備非常重要。 

對這個比賽有什麼期望? 我十分期待在John Bassett Theatre 的演出。我曾經在很多多倫多漂亮的場地演唱,相信今次又會是另一次的難忘經驗。同時,我亦期待這次比賽的高水準製作及與不同的專業人士一起工作。

希望透過這比賽得到什麼? 透過這次比賽,除了把想我的歌聲送給觀眾外,我更想學到如何在高壓的環境下仍能保持高水準。參加比賽是個很好的途徑讓我知道自己的不足,希望可以透過這個比賽令自己成為更出色的表演者。這不是一個我與別人的比賽,而是挑戰自己的競賽。

會怎樣去準備這個比賽? 保持真我,因為我清楚自己的能力,只有做自己才能發揮最大的水準。

What made you like music/singing? I was raised in a classical music loving family. When I realize that I am actually pretty good at singing, I fell in love and started to seriously study the art of singing.

When it is announced that you were in the final eight, what do you think? Stay humble, and to start preparing myself mentally for the challenge ahead. Singing is 80% mental and 20% physical. So mentally preparation is very important.

What are your expectations for this contest? I look forward to sing at John Bassett Theatre. I have sung in many of the beautiful venue in Toronto including ACC and Rogers Centre, and to sing at John Bassett Theatre will bring me a new experience. I expected this contest to be produced at a high level of quality, and I look forward in working with different professionals involving in the contest.

What do you hope to get through this contest? Through this contest, in addition to share my voice and singing to the audience, my goal is to put myself in a pressured situation and to perform at the top level that I can produce. Contest is a good measuring stick for myself to understand what I need to work on, and I hope to improve as a performer and singer from the experience of this contest. This is not a contest where I am competing with others, but this is a contest where I am competing with myself.

How will you prepare for this contest? Be myself. I know what I can do, and only by being myself, where I can truly perform to the best of my ability.