6. 吳詠詩

Betty Ng

出生地點︰ 香港
學歷︰ 大學
職業: IT Manager
語言: 英語、粵語、國語
嗜好/興趣︰ 唱歌、吃美食、旅遊、與朋友約會

Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Education: University
Occupation: IT Manager
Language: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Hobby: Singing, Eating, Travelling, Hangout with friends


你最喜愛的歌手: 張碧晨

你最喜愛的歌曲: 胡桃夾子

音樂志願: 希望在歌藝上有所進步,不求成為明日之星,但求有知音人欣賞

過往所做過最深刻的事情: 獲取安省政府10年義工獎,及入選成為這次歌唱比賽八強之一

過往所遇過最大的障礙,如何把它克服: 太鍾情於美食,用意志力建立良好的飲食習慣

Favorite Singer: 張碧晨

Favorite Songs: 胡桃夾子

Musical Aspirations: To improve my singing skills. Not expecting to be a super star, but to gain admiration from people.

What is the most remarkable thing you have done in the past? Obtained Ontario 10 Years volunteering award and being chosen as one of the finalists of this contest.

What has been the biggest challenge in the past? Did you overcome it? How? Love eating, need to work very hard on diet and exercises.

當初是什麼令你喜歡上音樂/唱歌?  唱歌是從小到大的興趣,特別享受在舞台上的感覺

當宣佈你入選了八強,你有什麼感想非常驚喜, 有黠不可思議的感覺

對這個比賽有什麼期望? 希望當日自己可以發揮最好的狀態,加上配合TV專業團隊的安排,令觀眾留下深刻印象。





What made you like music/singing? Singing is my interest since I was a little girl. I really enjoy performing on a stage.

When it is announced that you were in the final eight, what do you think? Very surprised

What are your expectations for this contest? With the assistance of the professional TV team, I hope I can do my best on the show day to impress the audience.

What do you hope to get through this contest? To gain experience of participating in large-scale TV show. To meet and learn from other singers.

How will you prepare for this contest? To have some intense practice and training. Take good rest in order to keep in shape both physically and mentally.

How much does music affect you? Music helps release my pressure and emotions effectively.

What are your ambitions for music in the future? Hope that I can handle different types of songs and present with my own style.