4. 曠章怡

Ginny Kuang

職業: 銷售員
語言: 國語,英語

Place of Birth: China
Occupation: Salesperson
Language: Mandarin, English
Hobby: Playing the piano, swimming


你最喜愛的歌手: A-Lin,王菲

你最喜愛的歌曲: 別怕我傷心

音樂志願: 就只想唱好歌

過往所做過最深刻的事情: 一個人獨自出國念書

過往中所遇過最大的障礙,如何把它克服: 沒有最大的障礙,每個障礙都靠良好的心態

Favorite Singer: A-Lin, 王菲

Favorite Songs: 別怕我傷心

Musical Ambition: To sing well

What is the most remarkable thing you have done in the past? To study abroad alone

What has been the biggest challenge in the past? Did you overcome it? How? There is no such the biggest challenge. How you overcome it depends on your attitude.

當宣佈你入選了八強,你有什麼感想? 很開心,希望可以累積更多的舞台經驗


會怎樣去準備這個比賽? 會練好每一首歌,發揮出最好的自己

音樂對你的影響有多少? 是我解除壓力的一個最好方式

 將來在音樂上有什麼抱負? 只想唱好每一首歌

When it is announced that you were in the final eight, what do you think? Very happy, hope that I will gain more stage experience

What are your expectations for this contest? To improve myself, to gain more experience and to meet new friends who love singing as well

How will you prepare for this contest? Practice every song seriously and give the best performance

How much does music affect you? It is the best way of releasing pressure

What are your ambitions for music in the future? To present every song nicely and perfectly