3. 崔昭婷 & 盧恆

Cecilia Choi & Henry Lu


出生地︰ 南韓
學歷: 法律學位
職業: 法律實習生
語言: 英語、韓語、國語
嗜好/興趣︰ 烹飪、旅遊、舞台劇

Place of Birth:  South Korea
Education: Law School
Occupation:  Articling Student (Student-At-Law)
Language: English, Korean, Mandarin
Hobby: Cooking, travelling, watching musicals, plays


出生地點︰ 中國
學歷︰ 策展研究碩士
職業: 獨立策展人
語言: 英語、國語、粵語
嗜好/興趣︰ 買CD
獨特專長: 講冷笑話

Place of Birth: China
Education: Master
Occupation: Strategic Development Planner
Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Hobby: Buy CD
Unique Skills: Tell jokes


你最喜愛的歌手: Ella Fitzgerald

你最喜愛的歌曲: 太多了, 中文歌有月亮代表我的心 (Teresa Teng), 我的歌聲裡 (Wanting)

音樂志願: 與自已的爵士樂隊作世界性巡迴演唱

過往所做過最深刻的事情: 第一次於香港的Jazz Bar表演、獨自到雲南開電單車到洱海、在印度賈沙梅爾的沙漠看星(Jaisalmer) 、於印度馬纳利雪山帳營渡宿一宵(Manali)、於喜馬拉雅山滑雪

過往所遇過最大的障礙,如何把它克服: 19歲離鄉别井獨自到多倫多自給自足完成法律學位。

Favorite Singer: Ella Fitzgerald

Favorite Songs: 月亮代表我的心 (Teresa Teng), 我的歌聲裡 (Wanting) just to name a few

Musical Aspirations: To be a jazz singer performing around the world with my own band, singing Asian jazz songs

What is the most remarkable thing you have done in the past?
Most recently, singing at a jazz bar for the first time in Hong Kong/travelling to Dali, Yunnan by myself and taking motorcycle around Erhai Lake/Watching the stars in the night sky in a desert in Jaisalmer, India/ Skiing in the Himalayas and sleeping in a tent on a snowy mountain in Manali, India.

What has been the biggest challenge in the past? Did you overcome it? How?
When I was 19, I came to Toronto by myself to attend University, and now I finished my law degree.


你最喜愛的歌手: Amy Winehouse、齊秦

你最喜愛的歌曲: 這個太難了,有好多好多……最近在聽朱哲琴1995年的專輯<<阿姐鼓>>,整張都很喜歡

音樂志願: 希望可以讓更多人聽到我的聲音

過往所做過最深刻的事情: 暫無。但可能是每一次和自己喜歡的人跳舞吧

過往所遇過最大的障礙,如何把它克服: 暫無,但是非常歡迎各種不同的障礙讓自己變得更加成熟

Favorite Singer: Amy Winehouse、齊秦

Favorite Songs: That is too difficult to tell. There are a lot.

Musical Aspirations: To influence more people with my songs.

What is the most remarkable thing you have done in the past? Maybe every time when dancing with someone I like

What has been the biggest challenge in the past? Did you overcome it? How? No, but welcome all kinds of obstacles to make myself more mature.


當初是什麼令你喜歡上音樂/唱歌? 自小受母親的影響喜歡音樂,特別是爵士樂及流行歌

當宣佈你入選了八強,你有什麼感想? 非常興奮

對這個比賽有什麼期望? 很期待於一個大型舞台上表演,認識不同參賽者與他們一起享受這個旅程,每一個經驗都會是一個好的人生閱歷

希望透過這比賽得到什麼? 希望體驗一下於大型舞台上表演的感覺,雖然我有點害怕但這次將會是一個好好的學習機會,我好想綀好普通話。

會怎樣去準備這個比賽? 我將會報讀普通話和唱歌課程,多做運動對唱歌好有幫助。

音樂對你的影響有多少? 我在音樂、藝術和娛樂方面,建立了自己的職業生涯,如可以成為一名娛樂律師和幕後製作人,我會感到開心。但現在我有機會嘗試成為一名表演者,我不想錯過這個機會。這就像是一份禮物,是我從來不敢做夢擁有的禮物。

將來在音樂上有什麼抱負? 於多倫多Jazz Bar 表演, 希望可以在自己的音樂融合亜洲元素。

What made you like music/singing? My mother loved music. I grew up listening to music all the time (mostly jazz and old pop songs)

When it is announced that you were in the final eight, what do you think? My singing partner Henry got the call from Fairchild and texted me that we are in as finalists. We  so happy!

What are your expectations for this contest? I’ve never been part of big singing contest before, so I am excited to see what it would be like, and whom I’ll meet throughout the journey. I’m just very excited and honored to be part of it. Every experience is good experience.

What do you hope to get through this contest? I want to learn what it is like to sing in front of big audience. I am still somewhat afraid of being on stage, and don’t have much experience. I think it would be a great chance for me to learn how to perform in front of a lot of people and how to communicate with them through a song. I also want to improve my Mandarin a lot!

How will you prepare for this contest? I plan to take Mandarin lessons and vocal lessons more seriously. I find that workout helps me sing better!

How much does music affect you? It seems like I just can’t get away from music even if I tried. I built my whole career around music, arts, and entertainment, believing that being a supporter of the arts as an entertainment lawyer and a behind-the-stage person would keep me happy. But now that I was given an opportunity to try out being an artist myself, I don’t want to miss this opportunity. It’s like a gift I never dared to dream of.

What are your ambitions for music in the future? I want to start out by singing at Toronto jazz bars. If I am given an opportunity, I want to create my own music by merging Asian element (e.g. Asian pop songs or folk songs) with jazz elements and create an interesting mix of the East and the West.


當初是什麼令你喜歡上音樂/唱歌? 我很小就開始學唱歌了。有一次上完小提琴課,有一位聲樂老師說我的聲音音色很好,讓我試唱一下。他彈琴,我沒什麼歌會唱的,於是唱了首生日歌……



對這個比賽有什麼期望? 享受比賽過程和與新認識的朋友相處的時間





What made you like music/singing? I started learning to sing when I was young. Once I finished a violin lesson, my vocal teacher said that my voice was very good and let me try it out. However, I had no idea of what to sing, so I sang the birthday song.  Later, I began singing operas, Chinese folks and pop songs.

When it is announced that you were in the final eight, what do you think? I am so glad that I’ve got something to do which is not related to work this summer.

What are your expectations for this contest? To enjoy the process of the entire contest and the time gathering with new friends

What do you hope to get through this contest? To meet some friends that have common interest

How will you prepare for this contest? Do not consider that this is a competition. The most important thing is to enjoy music as well as the summer weather.

How much does music affect you? I am surrounded by music at least 10 hours a day.

What are your ambitions for music in the future? To have my cover album in the future


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